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The worlds largest and most detailed star chart
Used daily by thousands of researchers, science centers, astronomers
The scientific value of Sky Map is recognized worldwide by media scientists and government agencies
Sky Map
Official partner of NASA
Explore stars, planets, Constellations and galaxies
Sky Map is supplemented and expanded daily, allowing scientists to make new discoveries and defend doctoral dissertations
Millions of people use this map as the only resource for the world's only comprehensive coverage of space objects
Recognized by all astronomers and astrophysicists worldwide
Won hundreds of awards in the field of space exploration
Sky Map has been evolving for 25 years
It contains billions of stars and planets, and enthusiasts and patrons from around the world support the development of Sky Map. Many times there have been offers to buy out this resource, but the Sky Map administration is determined to keep this resource for the benefit of all mankind.
How Sky Map defeated Google
As a result of the congress of scientists, astronomers, astrophysicists and amateur astrophysicists it was decided to create a unified space database.
An appeal to Google was unsuccessful and the creation was denied. A group of enthusiasts independently created the first working model of Sky Map.
After recognizing this model around the world and entering into official cooperation with Nasa and all the world's research centers, Google also decided to create a similar map. For 4 years Google was working on its creation and eventually the project was closed
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